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Alan Murray - Solo Performances
Dear Friends and Visitors,
After multiple years of focus on the Concerto and Chamber Music literature (which will continue) I'll be revisiting and expanding Solo repertoire for the remainder of 2019 and all of 2020, and - for the first time - posting recordings here for your listening and viewing pleasure of major works from the core classical repertoire, spanning the 17th-20th Centuries (maybe even a piece or two from the 21st C.!)
Retirement (at least temporarily) from a career in finance has given me the opportunity to invest time and effort on this endeavor, which I hope to share with you and the public in the coming years through performances and recordings.
Best regards,

Audio & Video Recording Schedule - 2019/20
Solo repertoire YouTube links will be posted to this site with the following tentative schedule:

January: -
February: -
March: -
April: -
May: -  
June: -
July: -
August: J.S. Bach - Goldberg Variations
September: -                     
October: - 
November: Chopin - The Etudes & Preludes
November: Chopin - The Ballades & Scherzi 
December: Chopin - Sonatas Nos. 2 & 3
December: Chopin - The Polonaises 
BEETHOVEN's 32 Piano Sonatas & Diabelli Variations, AND
J.S. BACH's Preludes & Fugues, English & French Suites, Partitas:
 to be posted successively beginning January thru December 2020

Active Repertoire (additions for 2019/20 season)

  Albeniz: Iberia; Navarra
  Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier
  Bach: The Inventions & Sinfonias
  Bach: The English Suites
  Bach: The French Suites
  Bach: The Partitas
  Bach: Italian Concerto
  Bach: Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue
  Bach: The Goldberg Variations 
        Busoni Transcriptions:
  Bach: Chaconne in D minor
  Bach: Organ Prelude & Fugue in D major
  Bach: Organ Prelude & Fugue in E-flat major ("St. Anne's")
  Bartók:  Out of Doors
  Bartók:  Sonata
  Bartók:  3 Etudes
  Bartók:  Variations on Hungarian Folk Melodies 
  Beethoven:  The 32 Piano Sonatas
  Beethoven:  Diabelli Variations
  Beethoven:  Variations on a Russian Theme
  Beethoven:  32 Variations in C minor 
  Brahms:  Variations & Fugue on a Theme by Handel
  Brahms:  Variations on a Theme by Paganini
  Brahms:  The 3 Piano Sonatas
  Brahms:  Ballades Op. 10
  Brahms:  Piano Works Op. 76, Op. 79, Op. 116-119
  Chopin:  The 24 Etudes, Op. 10 & Op. 25
  Chopin:  The 24 Preludes Op. 28; Prelude Op. 45
  Chopin:  The 4 Ballades
  Chopin:  The 4 Scherzos
  Chopin:  The 4 Polonaises
  Chopin:  The Nocturnes 
  Chopin:  The Mazurkas
  Chopin:  Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise Brilliante 
  Chopin:  Fantasy, Berceuse, Barcarolle, Introduction & Rondo
  Debussy:  The Etudes (Books I & II)
  Debussy:  The Preludes (Books I & II)
  Debussy:  Images (Books II & II)
  Debussy:  l'Isle Joyeuse
  Debussy:  Estampes
  Debussy:  Pour le Piano
  Debussy:  Other Misc. Works 
  Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue (solo version)
  Gershwin: 3 Preludes 
  Granados: Goyescas; El Pelele
  Janacek:  On an Overgrown Path
  Janacek:  1905 Sonata
  Liszt:  Sonata in B minor
  Liszt:  Mephisto Waltz
  Liszt:  Valée d'Obermann
  Liszt:  Sonetti del Petrarca
  Liszt:  Transcendental Etudes


January:        Rachmaninoff - 24 Preludes
                        Schumann - Fantasy
February:     Ravel - Gaspard de la Nuit
                      Scriabin - Sonatas Nos. 1-5
March:             Granados - Goyescas
                      Debussy - The Etudes
April:                Brahms - Paganini Variations
                       Bach - Inventions & Sinfonias
May:                Debussy - The Preludes
                    Rachmaninoff - Etudes-Tableaux
June:              Prokofiev - Sonatas Nos. 6, 7 & 8
July:                Schumann - Carnaval
                       Bach - Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue
August:        Albéniz - Iberia
September:     Ravel - Miroirs
                       Bach - Italian Concerto
October:         Debussy - Images
                      Brahms - The Sonatas
November:     Rachmaninoff - The Sonatas
December:     Scarlatti - selected Sonatas


  Medtner:  Sonata "Reminiscenza"
  Mozart:  Sonata in A minor (K. 310)
  Mozart:  Sonata in D Major (K. 576) 
  Prokofiev: Sonata No. 6 in A minor
  Prokofiev: Sonata No. 7 in B-flat major
  Prokofiev: Sonata No. 8 in B-flat major
  Prokofiev: Visions Fugitives
  Prokofiev: Suggestions Diaboliques
  Rachmaninoff: 9 Etudes Tableaux, Op. 39
  Rachmaninoff: 24 Preludes
  Rachmaninoff: Sonata No. 1 in D minor
  Rachmaninoff: Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor
  Rachmaninoff: 6 Moments Musicaux
  Rachmaninoff: Variations on a Theme by Corelli
  Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit
  Ravel: Miroirs
  Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin
  Ravel: Jeux d'Eau
  Ravel: Sonatine 
  Ravel: Valses Nobles et Sentimentales
  Ravel: Misc. Other Works

  Scarlatti:  Selected Sonatas 
  Schubert: 'Wanderer' Fantasie
  Schubert:  Sonata in A minor (D 845)
  Schubert:  Sonata in A major (D 664)
  Schubert:  Sonata in G major (D 894)
  Schubert:  Sonata in C minor (D 958)
  Schubert:  Sonata in A major (D 959)
  Schubert:  Sonata in B-flat major (D 960)
  Schubert:  3 Piano Pieces (D 946)
  Schumann:  Fantasy
  Schumann:  Carnaval
  Schumann:  Kreisleriana
  Schumann:  Toccata 
  Schumann:  Symphonic Etudes
  Schumann:  Sonata No. 1 in F-sharp minor
  Schumann:  Sonata No. 2 in G minor
  Schumann:  Sonata No. 3 in F minor ("Concerto without Orchestra")
  Schumann:  Davidsbündlertänze
  Schumann:  Fantasiestüke ("Fantasy Pieces")
  Schumann:  Hümoreske
  Schumann:  Papillons
  Schumann:  Kinderszenen
  Schumann:  Carnival of Vienna
  Schumann:  Blümenstuck ("Flower Piece")
  Schumann:  Novelettes
  Schumann:  Nachtstücke ("Night Scenes")
  Schumann:  Waldszenen ("Forest Scenes")
  Schumann:  Gesänge der Frühe ("Scenes from Dawn")
  Scriabin:  Sonatas Nos. 1-5
  Scriabin:  Vers la Flamme 
  Scriabin:  Selected Etudes
  Scriabin:  Selected Preludes 
  Stravinsky:  3 Scenes from Petrouchka
  Szymanowski:  Variations, Op. 10
  Szymanowski:  Methopes