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Studio Hollywood is Committed to Chamber Music!!
Our Chamber Music activities began with the 2018 RiverArts Music Tour, continuing in 2019 and 2021,
   all of whose live performance videos are available in the subsequent tabs on this site.
Beginning with Summer, Fall and Winter 2021, and continuing into 2022,
   we envision an ongoing series of Chamber Music activities including the following:
 - Weekly chamber music Readings, for intermediate and advanced players.
 - Informal group recitals and coached Workshops
 - Weekend indoor/outdoor Recital programs, some open to the public

Active Repertoire (additions for 2021-22 seasons)

  Beethoven:  The 10 Sonatas for Violin & Piano
  Beethoven:  The 5 Sonatas for Cello & Piano
  Brahms:  The 3 Sonatas and 'Sonatensatz' for Violin & Piano
  Brahms:  The 2 Sonatas for Cello & Piano
  Chopin:  Sonata for Cello & Piano (G minor)
  Debussy:  Sonata for Violin & Piano
  Franck:  Sonata for Violin & Piano (A major)
  Grieg:  Sonata for Cello & Piano (A minor)
  Grieg:  Sonata for Violin & Piano No. 3 (C minor)
  Poulenc:  Sonata for Cello & Piano
  Poulenc:  Sonata for Flute & Piano
  Prokofiev:  Sonata No. 1 for Violin & Piano (F minor)
     Sonata No. 2 for Violin & Piano (D major)
  Prokofiev:  Sonata for Cello & Piano (C major)
  Rachmaninoff:  Sonata for Cello & Piano (G minor)
  Ravel:  Sonata for Violin & Piano
  Schumann:  Sonata No. 1 for Violin & Piano (A minor)
  Schubert:  'Arpeggione' Sonata for Viola & Piano 
  Strauss:  Sonata for Violin & Piano
  Shostakovich:  Sonata for Cello & Piano (D minor)
 Piano TRIOs (for Piano, Violin & Cello, unless otherwise noted)
  Arensky:  Piano Trio No. 1 (D minor)
  Beethoven:  'Archduke' Trio (E-flat major)
  Brahms:  Piano Trio No. 1 (B major)
  Brahms:  Piano Trio No. 2 (C major)
  Brahms:  Piano Trio No. 3 (C minor)
  Brahms   Horn Trio (E-flat major)
  Debussy:  Piano Trio (G major)
  Dvorak:  'Dumky' Piano Trio (E minor)
  Dvorak:  Piano Trio (F minor)

 Piano TRIOs (continued)
  Haydn: 'Gypsy' Trio (G major)
  Mendelssohn:  Trio No. 1 (D minor)
  Piazzolla:  Trio - The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires  
  Rachmaninoff:  Trio 'Elegiaque' No. 1 (G minor)
  Ravel:  Trio (A minor)
  Schubert:  Trio No. 1 (B-flat major)
  Schumann:  Trios 1 (D min), 2 (F maj) & 3 (G min)
  Saint-Saëns: Trios 1 (F maj) & 2 (E min)
  Smetana:  Trio No. 1 (G minor)
  Tchaikovsky:  Trio (A minor)
  Brahms:  Quartet No. 1 (G minor)
  Brahms:  Quartet No. 2 (A major)
  Brahms:  Quartet No. 3 (C minor) 
  Fauré:  Quartet No. 1 (C minor)
  Messaien:  Quartet for the End of Time 
  Mozart:  Quartet No. 1 (G minor)
  Mozart:  Quartet No. 2 (E-flat major)
  Saint-Saëns:  Quartet (B-flat major) 
  Schumann:  Quartet (E-flat major)
  Brahms:  Quintet (F minor)
  Dvorak:  Quintet (A major)
  Fauré:  Quintet No. 2 (C minor)
  Franck:  Quintet (F minor)
  Saint-Saëns:  Quintet (A minor)
  Schubert:  'Trout' Quintet (A major)
  Schumann:  Quintet (E-flat major)
  Shostakovich:  Quintet (G minor)