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Rivertowns Enterprise feature - Alan Murray pianist (December 2010)


Rivertowns Enterprise Feature - Westchester Chamber Soloists (March 2020)


Quotes from Concerto, Sunrise & Masters Series attendees/commentators:

"The Rachmaninoff concerto was simply breathtaking in its scope, drama and kaleidoscopic beauty."  [concert attendee and Philadelphia area pianist


"Your [Chopin and Schumann] recitals were off the charts... So glad I made it.  You really know how to make music." [New York City resident and lifelong amateur musician]

"We enjoyed your [Beethoven sonatas] concerts more than we can describe.  You are a wonderful pianist and watching you at the the keyboard up close was truly quite an experience.  We look forward to further performances."  [Rivertowns resident and avid music listener]

"...a beautiful program last Sunday -- [we] just luxuriated in your gorgeous playing. It's amazing to be able to hear so much Ravel in one swoop; and you not only made light of the staggering technical difficulties of works like Scarbo (Gaspard de la Nuit) but also brought out the beauties that shine through so abundantly in all of his compositions. Bravo!" [Westchester pianist and faculty member, Manhattanville College]

"... I didn't have a chance to [tell you on Sunday] how much I enjoyed the Schumann, particularly the Fantasy. It is such a demanding, complex and rewarding work, and you played it with astonishing control and obvious and contagious enthusiasm... a real treat for me and the rest of the audience... What a debt of gratitude area music lovers owe you!"  [season-long weekly attendee, amateur pianist and life-long music enthusiast]

"I am simply overwhelmed by your concert series. Holy Smoke! You're in the company of a select handful of exceptional pianists. I am truly astounded... and especially by the repertoire."  [prominent NY-area concert pianist]

It was an absolute pleasure to attend your initial Sunday afternoon Beethoven programs. And the cycle was was revelatory from the very first note. You brought to each of the Sonatas perfect transparency, fluency and clean-edged execution, true to the text and classical form. But beyond that was an expressiveness that pervaded and fully captured the spirit of each movement, wrapped in warmth, power and lustrous sound quality. Thanks again! We're definitely looking forward to the continuation of your series, and especially to the middle- and late-period Sonatas."  [Rivertowns residents and first-time attendees]

"The "Hammerklavier" sonata was simply astounding, and the cumulative emotional and visceral power of the final four sonatas programs [#15 - 32] was overwhelming."  [attendee at Beethoven programs]

"Wow - It was wonderful! Wonderful!!!  I'm always amazed at your mastery... and the beautiful musicality." [season-long weekly attendee and music appreciator]

"Nowhere, not even in NYC -- nowhere but here, that is -- can one find such a breathtaking exploration of the core of the piano literature, all offered in a single season's series, wrapped in fine musicianship and superlative technique, and FREE?!  You opened the series with an astounding performance of the Chopin Etudes - followed by the Ballades, Sonatas, etc - and it's just been more of the same ever since..." [NYC-based pianist and conservatory instructor]

"You have us so ultimately impressed and astounded, once again. Congratulations on your achievements, which are of legendary proportions!" [Rivertowns pianist and private piano instructor]

"I am completely floored. What an ambitious series... and what a repertoire!  I really don't think I've ever heard of anyone presenting such a body of work in such a short time - not Barenboim or anyone" [Westchester pianist and private instructor]

"Since hearing your marvelous series, we have wanted to come so badly, each and every time... I have been yearning to hear your playing of each and every piece, week after week." [NY-area pianist and private piano instructor]

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your concerts... and I look forward to the next one (and to next year!).  You are an inspiration." [season-long weekly attendee and recent retiree, inspired to resume piano lessons after 50-year hiatus]

"... thanks so much for sharing your talents so generously - you're one of our [society's] many treasures."  [Westchester pianist, journalist and college instructor]

"I really enjoyed your playing again. It was my birthday and it was a great gift to give myself and a great way to begin the day. I look forward to attending as many Sundays as my schedule permits. Thanks again for the wonderful music, your playing and the sharing of your passion and knowledge. It is a very generous gift you give to us who show up to receive and enjoy. With much gratitude..."  [regular weekly attendee and devoted music appreciator]