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RiverArts 2022 Annual Music Tour
  Saturday, June 4, 2022; Noon-9:00pm
 Alan Murray (piano) and the Westchester Chamber Soloists
Great Duos, Trios, Quartets, Quintets, Sextets & more

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Mozart: Quintet for Piano & Strings

Video Link: Mozart - Quintet for Piano & Strings (23:25)

  Kate Ashby, Joyce Balint (violin)
  Liz Nilson-Baumwoll (viola) / Seth Jacobs (cello)

Beethoven: Quintet for Piano & Winds

Video Link: Beethoven - Quintet for Piano & Winds (24:08)

  Dorothy Darlington (oboe) / Alan Schaffer (clarinet)
  Peter Huitzacua (French horn) / Rosemary Dellinger (bassoon)
Brahms: Piano Quartet No. 1
Video Link: (not recorded) 
  Jeffrey Chasnow (violin) / Monica Gerard (viola) / Jonathan Kantor (cello)
Dohnányi: Sextet for Piano, Strings & Winds

Video Link: Dohnányi - Sextet (33:07)

  Joshua Daniels (violin) / Katherine Sinsabaugh (viola) / Seth Jacobs (cello)

  Alan Schaffer (clarinet) / Marc Wager (French horn)

Schubert: String ("Cello") Quintet

Video Link: Schubert - String Quintet (50:43)

  Jonathan Kantor, Bernard Tamosaitis (cello)
  Jeffrey Chasnow, Rebecca Eckfeld (violin)
  Monica Gerard (viola)
Thuille: Sextet for Piano & Winds

Video Link: Thuille - Sextet (30:43)

  Teresa Wager (flute) / Amy Wierenga (oboe)
  Alan Schaffer (clarinet) / Marc Wager (French horn)
  Rosemary Dellinger (bassoon)
Poulenc: Sextet for Piano & Winds

Video Link: Poulenc - Sextet (19:33)

  Amy Hersh (flute) / Amy Wierenga (oboe)
  Alan Schaffer (clarinet) / Marc Wager (French horn)
  Tom Sefcovic (bassoon)

Dohnányi: Piano Quintet

Video Link: Dohnányi - Piano Quintet (32:30)

  Lori Horowitz, Laura Macbeth (violin)
  Monica Gerard (viola) / Seth Jacobs (cello)
Mozart: Serenade for Wind Octet

Video Link: Mozart - Serenade (25:20)

   Dorothy Darlington and Amy Wierenga (oboe)
   Enid Blount Press and Alan Schaffer (clarinet)
   Peter Huitzacua and Marc Wager (French horn) 
   Tom Sefcovic and Rosemary Dellinger (bassoon)
Dvořák: Piano Trio in F minor

Video Link: Dvorak - Piano Trio (43:45)

   Silvia Padegs Grendze (violin) / Daniel Hoppe (cello)
Rachmaninoff: Sonata for Cello & Piano / (encore): Vocalise

Video Link: Rachmaninoff - Sonata for Cello & Piano (39:30)

Video Link: (encore) Rachmaninoff - Vocalise (5:17)

   Bernard Tamosaitis (cello)

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